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CD REVIEW: Zach Ashton "Sweet Nothings"
By Brian Rutherford - 03/28/2005 - 06:23 PM EST

Artist: Zach Ashton "Sweet Nothings"
CD Review: Grab yourself a glass of wine and join me on this review of Zach Ashton. Recorded in San Diego,CA, "Sweet Nothings" is a serene and soothing blend of artistry and patient song writing abilities.

Though track one "Yesterdayís Tomorrow" is a fitting pace setter, itís a mere introduction to the world of piano-pop. Much like the worldwide known talent Coldplay, Zach Ashton (vocals, guitar), Sergio Soffiatti (bass, piano, organ, guitar), Xin (drums), Joe Amato (guitar), and Victoria Robertson (vocals) combine for a professionalism. Unlike Coldplay however, they did not have the resources to put together this type of album which is rarely seen at the independent level of the music industry.

Tracks like "Love Vigilantes" are wavy dream patterns twisting and turning with directional lyrical content. Though the entire project could be easily enjoyable to fans of the aforementioned talent, Coldplay, Ashtonís voice has an uncanny comparability to another mega pop star, John Mayer. You know the voice, that sincerely soft storytelling sound with just an extra twang of something indescribable.

While this album is mostly modern age bubble gum pop, the consistent addition of traditional Jazz and Blues diversifies the sometimes depressing nature in each of these 10 tracks.

For instance, track six "Angels," has a perked up chorus with lyrical content advising the listener to take to full advantage of their short time on this earth. "And all these days are delicate, for we donít know when weíll go. So treat your days as delicate, for we canít save tomorrow."

However, the lyrical content is more so a slow (nearly) forty-minute stare into the love ridden heart and soul of Ashton, fitting better than a cactus in a desert.

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