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CD REVIEW: The Night Owls "Dead End"
By Brian Rutherford - 03/28/2005 - 06:33 PM EST

Artist: The Night Owls
CD Review: Well, yet another CD arrived, and so now we’re averaging just over a disc a day. Low and behold one finally lands from dusky (Tucson) Arizona. Though what I got from the desert is not perfect, the assisting letter nagged at my attention span like a child reaching back again for the dangerous electrical outlet that just sparked him. The fresh approach consisted of a hand written paragraph explaining the simplicities of three young boys between the ages of 14-15.

Track one, “F-Blues”, is an instrumental tribute to the new old school. Bluesy, funky, southern metal with just a tad more tang. Track two “Cradle Rock (Gallagher)” finally introduces a vocals attraction, but only for a mere slither percentage of the song. Like being surrounded by two hefty slices of wheat bread, the vocals wrangle up enough to take on the part of the cheap bologna. But we’ll get back to cheap bologna in a second, as there’s still plenty of time for the vocals to prove otherwise.

Track three "Funk Song" begins with what seems like the tones of SRV’s, (Stevie Ray Vaughn) bastard son. The drums add in a utilizing quick beat and some cow bell splashes for good measure. On the title track four "Dead End", lead guitarist Mr. Gallagher decides guitar fingering doesn’t cut it. The addition of repetitive lyrics in a blues format (the addition of a harmonica solo’s impress). After a long bridge, the outro meets the required blues rock format with a nice little solo stinger.

Track five "Psycho Joe" is plain groovy like more of that southern style blues with reduction. This track appeals to me because of its' evident one take recording session, which consists of young Mr. Gallagher going off on his own freestyle journey. Track six "There You Were" more traditionally could be considered a valid attempt at post-grunge. Track seven "LZ Song" is an epic lead guitar shot from a very young pair of arms. With another four tracks to go from there, this album is seriously worth its space in my collection. Bottom line though, if this kid is going freehand I think I’ll throw up now from my own guitar deficiencies.

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