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CD REVIEW: Inovation Entertainment - "Mix CD"
By Gian F - 03/29/2005 - 10:07 PM EST

Artist: Compilation: Inovation Entertainment
CD Review: Genre: Rap
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 9
Overall Talent Level: 9
Songwriting Skills: 8
Performance Skill: 9
Best Songs: Get Yo Face Split, Fuck Something, Thug Passion
Weakness: ?
CD Review: I like the concept of the mix CD: one continuous song after the other. Just keep a good thing coming. Sounds like a good idea...depending upon what keeps coming. Inovation Entertainment, an ensemble of producers/artists from Chattanooga, Tennessee kept the tracks from the "dirty south" coming on this project. One after the other...after the other.

This CD screams straight out of the gate with the intro and obligatory "station identifaction" message. Then the party starts with the most commercial track (which no radio station on the planet will play), "Get Yo Face Split," which goes..."We beat ya ass ho, we beat ya ass ho, ya get face stomped out the fuckin frame ho, we beat ya ass bitch, we beat ya ass bitch, you'll get ya head split to yo fuckin brain bitch!

The party keeps rolling with track two, simply entitled, "Fuck Something," which starts with the chorus: "I'm trying to cut something, I'm trying to fuck something, maybe later on tonight we can do something, I aint trying to be your man, it's just a one night stand, and if you looking for some love you better call your man..."How's that for extinguishing any fleeting thoughts of a recurring romantic interlude.

Those two songs just about cover the range of topics found on this mix CD. If you don't have an issue with pointless profanity, constant reference to women as bitches and hoes, violent imagery, and pornographic language, this is a great project. In fact, it may very well be the hottest rap project that I have reviewed.

It's not clear to me if Inovation Entertainment is a record label, or a production house, but whatever they are, they produce high-quality, commercially viable tracks that can compete with any hip-hop act in the industry. They are as adept at producing these tracks as their clients are at being vulgar - which means they are very, very good.

Advice: You guys have a (production) formula that works. All you have to do is supply it to the many who demand it.

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