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EP REVIEW: Kieskagato "E.P."
By Brian Rutherford - 04/19/2005 - 02:39 PM EDT

Artist: Kieskagato
CD Review: Funny how the world goes round. It wasn’t too long ago I was giving praise to a virtually unknown talent named Disturbed for their “Sicness E.P.”. As I stated in my review, the only bones I had to pick with their release was the length… or there lack of… Certainly off genre and hoping for a more artistic longevity, here I sit once again, five years later with the same hopes for Portland, Oregon’s Kieskagato.

While I could spend heaps of time listing off examples of such irony, I’ll cease, and spend heaps of time talking about Kieskagato’s unprecedented hybrid of hollowed genre.

With their critically acclaimed 2004 release, “You, Are The One, Who Can” already glowing brightly on their artist resume, 2005’s E.P. release brings another source of illumination. Like a blending of mixed fruit juices, all five tracks are smooth tasting with no preservatives.

Though fans of Mogwai, Air, Coldplay and many others will gravitate to this CD, their sound can not be easily compared to any one artist due to the nacheral flavoring and almost second nature effort. Every guitar stroke, horn blown, symbol splash, organ keyed, and vocal intrusion knives through the polluted cloudage that is currently a very dismal and dark music industry. Rather than adding to the pollution, it’s tracks like “Thursday”, and “Well, Then Alright” that could possibly cause a redefining of genre specifications all over the world.

Track two “Dirty House” begins with a keyboard intro that kicks me back twenty years to my Sesame Street viewing days. Only his time I’m visualizing Thom Yorke (Radiohead) jamming playfully with Big Bird (on the horns of course), Cookie Monster (what else but the drums), and Elmo who takes the bass. So energetically entertaining, this track is epitome of organized freedom sessions.

To get an idea of the artistry, go straight to the previously mentioned, track four, “Well, Then Alright”. This is truly a song for the ages. Long-winded vocals strides are only an accompanying element in this world of trumpets, scaling keyboards, and gritty guitars. Tempo changes are scattered amongst all nine minutes of this song.

So enthralled by the power and positive progression, I am simply waiting on pins and needles for track five “Straight Line”. Brought in with a sweet little xylophone lead, continuing on, this bed time story is like a rambling reviewer, never knowing when to quit. To say things get odd from here is an understatement. Odd in a good way however, as production from the sound board brings in another façade of elements. Wicked little noises and sounds that bring everything to a head.

More about recording the most intertwining of musical genre, Kieskagato certainly sounds nothing like Disturbed. However, unlike Disturbed, Kieskagato does not come in riding the coat tails of a genre wave. They’re beautifully unknown breed of Jazzy Electro Rip Rock could easily demand the attention of anyone from 17-70.

To find out more about this indie artist go to

Check out a review of their first record by's very own Stacey Board.

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