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CD REVIEW: Keahi Wai
By Gian F - 05/20/2005 - 07:52 AM EDT

Artist: Keahi Wai
CD Review: Genre: Alternative Pop
Sounds Like: The Jets
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8
Commercial Value: 8
Overall Talent Level: 8
Songwriting Skills: 8
Performance Skill: 8
Best Songs: Fits So Well, Surface Untouched, In Between Times, When We're Apart
Weakness: ?
CD Review: I first heard this duo on the radio while driving in Hawaii, which is where they are from. Their single, "Fits So Well," blew into my car as gently and pleasantly as the mixture of warmth and wind from the island breeze.

The duo is comprised of Lei Meikert and Mailani Makainai, who play guitar and ukulele respectively, trade off on lead vocal duty throughout this project which captures and epitomizes the laid-back spirit and culture of Hawaii. They, along with their producer, Aaron Kimura, did an excellent job of incorporating commercial elements into what is essentially, acoustic based music with a clean, straight-forward, pop production.

There is one attempt at an up-tempo mainstream track, "Now that You're Gone," which is about as r&b as they try (or need) to get. The track serves its purpose in diversifying the roster, but the slower, melodic songs "When We're Apart," "In Between Times," and what should be the follow-up to "Fits So Well," the tender ballad, "Surface Untouched," are their forte. They beautifully showcase their sweet sopranos and angelic harmonies which keep the aloha spirit alive and well.

Advice: Market and promote this in the mainland.

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