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CD REVIEW: Sonic Adventure Project - "Exergonic"
By Gian F - 05/20/2005 - 10:21 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Sonic Adventure Project
CD Review: Genre: Ambient/Electronica
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9
Commercial Value: 9
Best Songs: Forty-two, Memories Of I Am, Waters In Motion, Above The City, Pink Synth
Weakness: ?
CD Review: As the clouds swelled and unloaded buckets of rain from the sky during what seemed like an interminable drive to Southern California, the ambient/electronica music on the debut CD from Exergonic, a duo from Vienna, Austria, consisting of Thomas Viehboeck and Peter Koellerer, served as my soundtrack.

This project is replete with atmospheric and provocative tracks that can be used for licensing in both film and television. Even though all but one are instrumentals, they embrace the 6 rules of commercial music success just the same and display a penchant for well-crafted melodies that seem to drive their compositions forward.

The dramatic elements of "Forty-Two" make it the commercial stand-out and offers the best chance of radio play, but unlike vocal music in other genres, it is really tough to isolate tracks on such a cohesive project. Doing so is like trying to pull the apples way from an apple pie: they belong together and they serve a purpose. For those who like apple pie, I suggest they consume it in its entirety, not by the slice.

Advice: Keep it up and try to license this project.

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