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CD REVIEW: Arms of Kismet - 'Cutting Room Rug'
By Steve Allat - 06/18/2005 - 10:52 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Arms of Kismet
Album: 'Cutting Room Rug'
CD Review: Label: Wampus Media
Tracks: 11
Released: 2005
For Fans Of: Arms of Kismet (Eponymous), Beck, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton
Fav Tracks: Life Imitates, Listen To Me, Pinnacle of Same

Mark Doyon is back with a follow-up to his well-received Eponymous CD.
Taking things in a bit of a different direction musically, we find the Arms of Kismet have wrapped us in more grounded tones and throwing more existential ideas our way to digest.
Some highlights on the CD:
'Outbound Train' features a Knopfler-esque little riff.
'Clover' tips it's guitar to Clapton (Lay Down Sally).
'Life Imitates' is strong lyrically and in it's musical simplicity and strong vocals.
A couple of interludes and the book-ending of the CD complete the package, another well thought out delivery from Mark - something that's not missed on me.

The vocals once again are very solid, inviting you in to listen and then fool you with a smooth delivery. Not everything is serious here, so listen closely.

The music is a little more 'countrified' than the previous recording - unfortunately something that doesn't turn this reviewers crank. But all is forgivable given the delivery and quality of the playing and songwriting. Mark's consistency shines through.
The recording is great once again, solid as a pop rock. A good mix of acoustic and electric sounds.
Mark songwriting style is catchy and witty and he's adventurous enough to add little elements that really differentiate and suit the songs while remaining true to his foundation sound.
Lyrics are once again challenging and a bit esoteric, but easy to listen to and discern.

The songs seem to lose a little of their 'hookiness' as the disc progresses, but each song still has it's charm. I think that's inherent in Mark's writing at this point and I wouldn't expect anything less.

Not quite as strong a result as the previous recording, but it still won't disappoint fans or even listener's looking for an interesting alternative to the mainstream.

Contact: Mark Doyon
Website: Arms Of Kismet

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