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CD REVIEW: Robert Di Pietro - 'Ordinary Boy'
By Steve Allat - 06/19/2005 - 06:33 PM EDT

Artist: Robert Di Pietro
Album: 'Ordinary Boy'
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 13
Released: 2003
For Fans Of: Beatles, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan
Fav Tracks: Smile, Til Tomorrow, And So It Happens In The Fall

No longer the sideman to New York's mass of unheard-of players, Robert takes his talents and writes the songs and plays most of the music on his debut CD.
Although he does play drums & percussion, piano & wurlitzer and all guitars, the focus of the music is guitar and vocal, much in the vein of most strong singer/songwriters. The songs could stand alone, unembellished, as his songwriting provides a strong melodic base of it's own.

Quirky and off-beat would best describe Robert's style and approach, while at the same time maintaining a strong sense of rhythm and melody to ground everything.

Vocals are tinged with a bit of sadness throughout, and it's a little too much at times. Robert has a very nice delivery, soft and strong at the same time, and you can hear the inherent struggle to find a streak of sunshine within. He achieves this best on 'Til Tomorrow', which has a light, bouncy feel.

Other Highlights:
'Smile' has some nice, emotive electric guitar giving it an edge.
His Wurlitzer playing throughout is fun and atmospheric, giving songs a playground feeling.

The production and balance achieved on the CD are worthy of mention and make for an easy listen, with no distraction from the music. His skills are strong and the only thing I'd like to hear different would be vocals that are a bit more dynamic in places.

Contact: Robert
CD available online at CD Baby & Tower Records.

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