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CD REVIEW: Rosemary Loar - 'Water From The Moon'
By Steve Allat - 06/19/2005 - 07:15 PM EDT

Artist: Rosemary Loar
Album: 'Water From The Moon'
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 11
Released: 2003
For Fans Of: Jann Arden, Sarah MacLaughlin, (live theatre music)
Fav Tracks: I Want To Go To Heaven, Let Me Be Your Mirror,

Water From the Moon features Rosemary Loar doing her thing showcasing her soaring soul/gospel vocals, sung with attention to pronunciation and precision. Her background in theater and cabaret shows in her dynamic singing style and presence. While her voice is exceptionally strong, her style isn't one that grabs my attention due to it's strict adherence to enunciation. I'd like to just hear the words slip from her mouth without being consciously shaped on the way out. Then I think she'd have something very cool. Examples of my favorite vocals occur on the intro to 'Stand Up' (before the chorus), 'Let Me Be Your Mirror' and 'Our Father'.

Her songs deal with issues of growing up and of dealing with pain and loss. Still, Rosemary's optimism is apparent. A pre-occuption with her father's life and it's effect upon her is also both apparent and perhaps overstated. This sounds like a very open and personal collection of songs until you check the website and discover that it is actually the soundtrack to her stage production which is 'a wild rock drama about Saint Wild Idle who has made her way to the top of the rock-n-roll world but is still plagued by the legacy of her childhood.' I didn't get that at all upon listening, but it still works and makes sense once again given Rosemary's theatrical training and experience. In fact, it's great that it works on both levels, with the listener not needing to be aware of this fact.

As her voice is the strength, I think the only thing needed to balance these songs is perhaps stronger music to envelop that voice. It actually stands out and is a bit too up front.
Although a few songs stand out and are easily very Adult Contemporary and Easy Listening friendly ('I Want To Go To Heaven' is ready to go) , I'd have to say that on the whole, Rosemary's target audience is going to be the ones stated above. The rest of us can wait and see if she rounds out her sound to complement and subdue that powerful voice of hers.

Contact: Atlor Music
Website: Rosemary Loar

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