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CD REVIEW: Saliva - 'Survival Of The Sickest'
By Steve Allat - 06/20/2005 - 01:45 AM EDT

Artist: Saliva
Album: 'Survival Of The Sickest'
CD Review: Label: Island Def Jam
Tracks: 12 + bonus
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: Motley Crue, Guns & Roses (early), Disturbed, the Darkness, the movie Rockstar
Fav Tracks: Bait & Switch, No Hard Feelings, Carry On, Fuck All Y'All, (hidden track)

Hard Rock from Memphis.
This is clean and straight ahead metal-rock which is very easy to listen to as the performance, writing and production are all top-notch.
Saliva's latest CD, it's third for Island Records (the Killers, Sum 41,The Bravery, Bon Jovi) is one of the year's most solid hard rock albums.

They've got a great, hard sound which takes a lot of 80's & 90's rock sounds and builds upon it, making it very fresh for today. While it's not strikingly different, it's great. This is the big-time and their are no flaws here. You'll either like it as it is or think it sounds stereotypical of the genre.
In either case, there isn't a weak track on the CD, so if you like one song, you'll like them all. They do go from hard rockers to soft ballads and handle both with style. Again, the vocals are great and sound more real than with a lot of metal singers, where you just know that's not all them in the final mix.

The music is thick and meaty as well, with a great guitar sound. It grabs you and goes right through you. Trust me - turn it up.
Only twice is their a nod to another metal sound - a little G'n R on 'Carry On' and the Crue on the Hidden track - and it's well done.

These guys aren't venturing too far lyrically - it's mostly sex, fame and rock'n roll as seen through their eyes. There's no shyness or lack of ego here, and it seems they relish in being the bad boys - but then what metal rockers don't? The lyrics are for the most part pretty positive, about living life to the fullest and being yourself. And, of course, their slight against Nickelback & Default on 'Fuck All Y'All' doesn't bother me one bit. These guys are a bit more ballsy than the lightweight regurgitations of those bands & more on the radio these days. And one last one I just loved - the anti-country 'Two Step Back' resonates with this non-country lover bigtime. Rock on!

If you're into hard rock that's gutsy and clean, then look no further.

Contact: Island Records
Website: Saliva at Island Records.

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