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CD REVIEW: Patrice Moerman - 'Following A Dream'
By Steve Allat - 07/01/2005 - 06:44 PM EDT

Artist: Patrice Moerman
Album: 'Following A Dream'
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 14
Released: ?
For Fans Of: Bonnie Raitt, Anne Murray
Fav Tracks: Going Through The Motions, Be Straight With Me, Late Bloomer, Mother's Day

A clear, strong voice with a lilting country accent to it. Mostly very pleasing except for the occasional stiffness. A little more attitude would give these songs the emotional charge they need. Although well-written and produced, in the end it's the artists passion that is going to connect to the listener. She certainly has it in her, and with how personal the lyrics are, it should be natural for Patrice to give herself over to the vocal performance a bit more. Rather, it sounds like she's going through the motions to ensure a good performance is captured. It leaves me feeling a little empty after 14 songs, even though I know that behind it are some interesting stories and lyrics.
'Be Straight With Me' is how I'd like to hear Patrice sounding on most of these tracks.

As mentioned, the lyrics are very personal, and while very relatable, they are a little wordy at times, and some of the lyrics are a bit 'too' rhymey. Also, I think Patrice's writing style might open up if she wrote from the more general perspective ('You' instead of 'I'), which would give her songs a more universal appeal. The repetition of this little word, I, so much, gets a little . . . repetitive.

Patrice does most of the work herself, playing guitar, piano and handling all vocals, sounding like a true professional all the way through. There is no doubt that she can write a tune and perform it with confidence. Besides holding the songs steady, there is some great blues riffs and solos.
The weakest part of a few songs ('Forgot to Forget You', 'Liberated 'til The Dinner Check Comes', 'Be Straight With Me') is the ending, which is never to be taken lightly. You've gotta hold'em till the end.
The production is top-notch and seems to finish off Patrice's songs very well. To me, it sounds very Patrice, without production adding anything unwanted to the final product.

Although I truly appreciate the many great aspects of this CD, I have to say that there's still that one ingredient missing that Patrice needs to bring to the table to make us really want to listen to her in earnest. Then, she'll be knocking down people's doors instead of waiting for someone to come and open it up to listen.

She may be a 'Late Bloomer', but there's never a better time than now to do your thing.
That song, in fact, is a beauty and is exemplary of Patrice at her best, melodically. Keep 'em coming like that.

Contact: Patrice
Website: Patrice Moerman

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