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CD REVIEW: Million Dollar Mouth - 'Say My Name . . . Now Say It Again'
By Steve Allat - 07/03/2005 - 12:11 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Million Dollar Mouth
Album: 'Say My Name . . . Now Say It Again'
CD Review: Label: Independent: Atonal Records
Tracks: 11
Released: 2005
For Fans Of: The Clash, Spacehog, Hot Hot Heat
Fav Tracks: Space Out, Big Kiss, Second Skin

Distinct vocals and delivery will set them apart. Mike Biscotti has written all the songs (except 'Lush') and knows how to write to make himself sound good.

The band is firmly entrenched in the alt-rock / grunge feel, but different. They have created a unique sound within a genre of new music that is sounding very similar these days (think Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand et al.).

Their sound is hard-edged yet artistic, with enough hooks to keep it going. The music accompanying the vocals is very interesting on every track. Just as Mike's vocals soar and drift all over, the music also seems to be all over, but is at the same time steady throughout, knowing when to support the vocals and when to kick out a nifty little hook - be it guitar, drum or bass. The sign of a balanced team at work.
That's the main strength for me with this band - balance. From the songs through the performances and production, there is a very grounded sense of balance all around, making the disc solid from start to finish.

For me, the songs and the voice are the calling cards and the band behind them are great. Production has also captured these guys in a distinct way, sounding very raw and real.

Even though I keyed in on a couple tracks above, there really isn't a really strong or a really weak track on the CD. It's just one good song and performance after another. Each song a little different than the last, but still recognizable as Million Dollar Mouth and no one else. A great accomplishment.

Get out there guys, you've got fans to make, as I'm sure you will.

Contact: Rhonda Kelly, Press Contact: Rainmaker Publicity
Website: Million Dollar Mouth

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