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CD REVIEW: Yael Meyer - 'Common Ground'
By Steve Allat - 07/03/2005 - 06:26 PM EDT

Artist: Yael Meyer
Album: 'Common Ground'
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 12
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: Enigma, Bjork, Delerium
Fav Tracks: Don't Be Afraid, Spread The Word, The Beauty Of It All

Wow. This is one of those CD's that comes along every now and then and just hits you and goes right through you.

Described by the artist herself as 'electro-organic', the music encompasses folk, pop and experimental electronica. But the star of the show is Yael's very engaging vocal styling. Again, wow. Although many possess a great set of pipes, you just know when you're hearing a voice with something special. That honesty and integrity of delivery that you hear from a artist deliberately and consciously creating and streaming herself authentically. This is very original and very powerful.
Her lyrics are positive and uplifting, approaching 'new age'-iness, but sounding so real that they never cross any uncomfortable lines. I hear her voice and her message and have to concur.

Songs are very esoteric, but very melodic and strong, often being grounded by a backbeat or loop. Even on instrumental passages there is constant interest, a testament to Yael's ability to ingrain the music with the same sense of immediacy that her vocals also bring.
Old-tyme sounds lend a feel of other times, and other-worldly sounds bring other cultures into the mix without sacrificing the moment and the new sound Yael has got going on.

Throughout, the programming is excellent - crisp and bright. It's a great recording.
A beautiful CD of breathtaking depth and artistry. Engaging every minute of the way along.
World music infusion through her collaboration with artists around the globe, but still decidedly electronica and with Yael's signature vocals all over.

I love it. Yael is a world musician and vocal stylist of the highest calibre.
A breath of fresh air, so take a deep breath all and enjoy.

Contact: Yael
Website: Yael Meyer - One of the best artist websites I've seen in a while - check it out.

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