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CD REVIEW: Shirtlifter - Fans in the city
By Brett Thompson - 09/28/2005 - 03:10 PM EDT

Artist: Shirtlifter
Album: Fans in the city
CD Review: Shirtlifter knows what it's like to dance on the beach on a balmy summer evening, cocktail in hand, trivial thoughts far, far away. Or at least that’s what I get from this cool, clean, crisp brand of electronica.

Shirtlifer’s latest recording ‘Fans in the city’ doesn’t ask you politely to dance with it, rather choosing to grab you confidently and encourage you to move. Simple beats are layered with curious sounds which at times can be distracting, but all in all the whimsical lyrics guide the listener through this comical maze of twilight tunes, even if you are laughing when you come out the other side.

The beauty of Shirtlifter appears in his unpredictability. What most ‘Sunday Session-ers’ expect from a good track is something to unwind to but also dance to if they feel like it and this record proves that it is possible for background music to be enjoyed as foreground noise if you choose to let it.

If you like the indie trance slash alternative dance sounds splashed at you sparingly from commercial artists like Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers but also Theivery Corporation and Manitoba then grab yourself a pair of dark shades and turn this LP up loud.

One word of advice though, ‘Fans in the city’ needs a suitable environment and headspace to be enjoyed as I found listening to it on headphones alone in a cramped London Studio Flat left me wanting more.

To find out more about Shirtlifter and his new album ‘Fans in the city’, visit his website

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