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Q&A: Could you tell me what classes I should take to become an A&R rep?
By Duman & Fiero - 10/08/2005 - 04:00 PM EDT

Hi Duman & Fiero.

My names is Taylor and I am a senior in high school.

I am interested in pursuing a career in the music business.

My question is this: Could you tell me what college classes I should take to become an A&R rep?

-Taylor Flynn

If you are interested in becoming an A&R representative, take the proven path of internship (i.e. free labor in exchange for job experience) to get there.

Once you are in college and have been issued an official collegiate i.d., you will have all that you need to qualify for that coveted internship (and earn potential college credit). Bare in mind that there is no real "selection" process when it comes to choosing who gets the "job" as intern - other than who they like or feel most comfortable with.

The vast majority of A&R reps and A&R managers started as interns. The primary skill that you need is communication, as you will be communicating with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds and different educational levels. And of course, if not most importantly, being able to relate to artists and anticipate their needs, as well as deal with the full spectrum of their attitudes, so your basic psychology class (which should be a required course for you) will also be beneficial.

If you are lucky enough to land and retain an internship with the same company while you remain in college, you will greatly increase your chances of getting a paid job.

You can jump start your intern research by visiting My Music Job:

We look forward to you helping us get a lot of the talented artists signed that we deal with. Good luck in your endeavors!


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