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2005 Muse's Muse Awards For Best Songs
By Gian F - 11/02/2005 - 08:50 PM EST


The top award: Best Song In Any Category: "Vibes Up Strong" - Big Mountain

Just one listen to this powerful and perfectly produced song, and you can't help but to feel better by the inspirational lyrics, positive message, and spirited vocal performance. It is a commercial masterpiece that transcends all music and cultural boundaries.

Best Rock Song: "I Never Thought" - Neversay

This song is a commercial smash which benefits from superior production and guitar playing that adds serious bite to this undeniable track.

Best Alternative Rock Song: "Not Myself" - Jen Woodhouse

Jen's powerful and distinguished voice was only eclipsed by her profound lyrics. She was the leading contender for this award early in the year. It was a lead she never relinquished.

Best Country Song: "I Can't Hold The Wind" - Melanie Laine

This was a Grammy Award (and Muse's Muse Award) winning performance that was supported by top-notch production. It's just one of many songs that Melanie could have used to win in this category. If this song didn't win it for her, "If Love Is A Weakness" would have.

Best R&B Song: "Straight Up" - Wayna

The sexy mid-tempo, head-bopping groove, plush vocals, and sneaky arrangement made this an obvious (and easy) choice.

Best Rap: "The Story Of Us" - 75 Degrees

When you have a strong identity, tight flow, uncanny musicianship, and slamming production that are reminiscent of an era that everyone loved, how can you not get a Muse's Muse Award?

Best Adult Alternative Song: "One Sweet Love" - Sara Bareilles

This is just one of many songs that Sara could have received this award for.

Best Adult Contemporary Song: "The Reason Why" - Eliot Popkin

The meticulousness of this production, combined with Eliot's depth, sincerity, and talent were a perfect marriage. Ballads of this quality are a rarity on an indie level.

Best Adult Contemporary Pop Song: "In This Moment" - Preeta

I don't know if I have ever heard a brighter's almost as if she is smiling while singing her heart out.

Best Pop Song: "Fits So Well" - Keahi Wai

The production of this song, which heavily features flute, is perfectly accentuated by pleasant harmonies and simplistic vocal arrangements that define this song. A radio-ready single that will grow on you with just one listen.

Best Power Pop Song: "Rock Star" - Kingstreet/Modern Minstrel Music

A bona fide hit! Content, vocals, structure, melody, production, performance, and a powerful hook. It's all there.

Best Dance Song: "Get Me Off (Remix)" - Natalise

Chris Carter is back for the 2nd year in a row with a hot track that the Ying Yang twins would have voted for. He proves once again that he is one of the best undiscovered producers in the San Francisco Bay area (or anywhere for that matter), with dance artist, protege, and fellow Muse's Muse Award winner Natalise.

Best Electronica: "Above The City" - Sonic Adventure

This is as close to electronic jazz as you can get. Melodic and intriguing arrangements that work well in a visual format.

Best Jazz Vocal Song: "Corcovado" - Michelle Latimer

This song has been done many times in many different ways, by many different artists, but Michelle puts a sexy spin on this cover that makes it all her own.

Best Jazz Instrumental: "On Blue Daniel" - Michelle Latimer

This melodic number is precise, clean, and fun. Excellent display of showmanship and musicianship.

Best Instrumental Composition: "Mykonos At Midnight" - Eric Kamen

This is a flavorful, cosmopolitan hip-hop track that slams! Radio, film, television, belly dancing, strip club; it's multi-functional with massive appeal. It would be difficult to find someone who does not love it.

Click here to read the list of Gian's 2005 Muse's Muse Award winners for the Best Performances.

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