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2005 Muse's Muse Awards For Best Performances
By Gian F - 11/04/2005 - 09:31 PM EST


It's a 5-way tie: Sara Bareilles, Jen Woodhouse, Jennifer Greer, Hilsyde, and Typhoon Ferri

These perfomers consistently performed their hearts out from song-to-song on their projects and are deserving of special recognition.

Other artists received Muse's Muse Awards for Best Performances in the following genres:

Best Performance In A Rock Song: "I Never Thought" - Neversay

This song contains a gut-wrenching performance that abundantly portrays (and conveys) the agony, disillusion, and pain that we have all gone through in relationships that fizzle out right before our eyes.

Best Performance In An Alternative Rock Song By A Female: "Not Myself" - Jen Woodhouse

Her seasoned voice recalls the confidence of a veteran performer who is at home on stage and comfortable in front of a mic and she, unlike so many other self-proclaimed singer/songwriters, truly belongs there.

Best Performance In An Alternative Rock Song By A Male: "Girl" - Mike Steed

Mike's gritty vocal style is down-to-earth, but emotive. The great performance he turned in on this song captures the essence of his talents.

Best Performance In An Alternative Rock Song By A Duo, Group Or Band: "Roundabout Way Home" - Typhoon Ferri

These guys put their heart and soul into every song on this project. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Best Performance In A Country Song By A Female: "I Can't Hold The Wind" - Melanie Laine

Melanie is ready for the big time and the spotlight. The performance on this song is just one of many on this project which proves this.

Best Performance In A Country Song By A Male: "A Lot To Be Said For Leaving" - Codie Prevost

Cody's performance in this song was only secondary to his sincerity.

Best Performance In An R&B Song By A Female: "I Need Ya" - Ebony

Ebony put on a clinic with the vocal performance on her demo. She knows how and when to stretch her vocals, just like the pro that she is.

Best Performance In An R&B Song By A Male: "With You" - Hilsyde

He often pushes his edgy tenor (and sometimes falsetto) voice to the limit, managing to push your interest to new heights in the process.

Best Performance In An Rap: "Superzero" - Icarus Jones

The lyrics and his skill in delivering them - with heart - is what made him a hands-down lock for this award.

Best Performance In An Rap By A Duo, Group Or Band: "The Story Of Us" - 75 Degrees

A memorable performance that entertains, engages, and informs.

Best Performance In An Adult Alternative Song By A Female I: "Responsible" - Sara Bareilles

This song is reminiscent of one of the greatest and most underrated songwriters in the business, K.D. Lang. It also displays Sara's acute awareness of what publishers look for in a song, fans enjoy in a performance, and the industry looks for in a recording.

Best Performance In An Adult Alternative Song By A Female II: "Walking Home To You" - Jennifer Greer

Jennifer's vocals are an extension of her superb musicianship. She's on another level and in a different league.

Best Performance In An Adult Alternative Song By A Male: "Everything To Me" - Steve Northeast

A sincere performance straight from the heart that is destined for the big screen.

Best Performance In An Adult Contemporary Song By A Female: "Are You The One" - Jazmin Sky

It showcases her vocal agility against a backdrop of plush harmonies that are weaved through out the chorus. The production of this track is reminiscent of old school r&b that mature audiences like and the quality they appreciate. They will also appreciate Jazmin's violin solo which opens the track and sets the tone.

Best Performance In An Adult Contemporary Song By A Male: "Love Me Like A River" - Anders Holst

His ability to switch from rich baritone to soulful tenor, with ease and comfort, is illuminated by the dreamy string arrangement which is nicely accented by the bevy of background babes who complement his machismo and add a sensuality that feels like silk laying gently upon steel.

Best Performance In An Adult Contemporary Pop Song By A Female: "Rise Above" - Preeta

Her pristine vocals merely function as a vessel for the uplifting message of empowerment that she sings about with such conviction.

Best Performance In An Adult Contemporary Pop Song By A Male: "Hollywood" - Nicholas Alan

Alan's cool, controlled performance on this song is both refreshing and endearing. One of my personal favorites.

Best Performance In A Pop Song By A Male: "The Ground" - Shaan Sharma

Armed with a smooth tenor and refined guitar playing skills, Shaan skillfully blends his pop sensibilities with his rock impulses. With more hearty performances like this, Shaan may soon be referring to himself as a "former" model.

Best Performance In A Pop Song By A Duo/Group/Band: "Fit So Well" - Keahi Wai

This is easily one of the purest, unpretentious, heartfelt pop performances I've heard all year. No vocal acrobatics or torch singing. Just good old fashioned sincerity accompanied by great melody and an enjoyable hook.

Best Vocal Performance In A Jazz Song: "Slow Hurry" - Lisa Aschman

Lisa's performance resonates a sensual undertone and conveys an adult theme that can be appreciated by workaholics everywhere.

Best Performance In A Jazz Instrumental: "On Blue Daniel" - Michelle Latimer

This song highlights Michelle's performance skills and penchant for playing melodically. It also features some mighty fine bass work by Derek James

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