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CD REVIEW: Dean Wolfe - 11:59
By Jane Eamon - 11/06/2005 - 12:41 PM EST

Artist: Dean Wolfe
Album: 11:59
CD Review: After listening to Dean Wolfe’s official debut CD, 11:59, I am reminded once again how much Canadian icons Neil Young and Bruce Cockburn have influenced our musical community. Wolfe, an accomplished musician/songwriter and according to his bio, a journeyman pastry chef pays respectful tribute to these folks. Rasputin, complete with Young-like opening harmonica riff, reminds one of Long May You Run and A Spark of Light’s elegant guitar playing brings to mind the skilful playing of Bruce Cockburn.

Wolfe, with a voice like Ben Folds, skips from genre to genre sometimes more successfully than others. I must admit I was a little confused by all the genres. I found Wolfe the most proficient when playing his guitar. And no wonder, he has composed many instrumental guitar pieces.

I was also disappointed the words were not included with the CD. It was difficult sometimes to understand what Wolfe was saying and I suspect he has something to say.

There are some interesting bits on this CD though, a lively opening number called Jack In The Box which carries the title of the CD buried in its chorus; So Naïve with its artistic opening; Rasputin, very mindful of Neil Young and I think the most successful track on the CD and the last cut, A Spark of Light with its Beatlesque middle section.

Wolfe wrote all the songs, played a wide variety of instruments including banjo, cello, pedal steel, bass, drums, harmonica and pseudo–dobro. He also produced, recorded, mixed and arranged. Truly a one-man band.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Dean Wolfe, check out his website at

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