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By Gian F - 11/14/2005 - 04:43 PM EST

"I was just checking out your (Muse's Muse Awards) top picks for last year and I listened to some of their music...I have to admit, it is a little humbling...I also read your article on writing commercial music. I've been writing songs with several different collaborators for over 10 years and have read a lot of articles on the subject of commercial music, but I have to say that your six tips were amongst the most concise, clear and useful that I have seen yet. It's obvious that you have an excellent understanding of the industry."

-Randy Zahara, Songwriter

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazingly positive review of this CD. I believe Ryan is mature beyond his years, and his songwriting ability will someday catapult him to stardom. It's very satisfying to hear a review such as yours, and leads me to believe that all those many hours spent producing and playing on Ryan's CD were not in vain.

Once again, a heartfelt 'thankyou' goes out to you, and your artful style of expressively crafting words that encourage inspiration.

-Tim Feswick, Producer of Ryan Neilson's "4 Walls"

"I am humbled and flattered by your comments. Thank you for writing such an insightful, well-structured review.  Keep in mind, Iíd be writing this even if you hadnít taken such a liking to the music Ė itís astoundingly difficult to find reviewers who can put more than three words together these daysÖanyways, thanks again for your support and consideration."  

-Sincerely, Owen Sartori, Music Artist

"I am very familiar with your work Gian...your reviews are very comprehensive. You dissect the music and I admire that. I have submitted material to other reviewers in the past and received quotes or one-liners, never too elaborate. I've come to notice many e-zines and websites that review music are run by music fans who volunteer - not necessarily people with industry experience or knowledge. Communication is key and I'm actually excited to send the CD since I already know you can fully articulate what you like or dislike about a body of work."

-All the best, SHEE (Rasheedah S. Andrews), Rap Artist

"When I saw all those 10's, and read the glowing review, I can only say that I experienced one of those truly rare and satisfying moments a person sometimes receives in life when all of the hard work that they put into a dream finally materializes. Your review meant more to me and gave me more personal satisfaction and happiness than any monetary gain from my music will ever be able to come close to giving me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am very proud to have my name listed on your reviews page, and hope that perhaps our paths may cross again, and that we may be able to meet each other someday."

-John Ryan, Professional Pianist/Songwriter

"Thank you for taking the time and effort to review the Melissa Forbes CD, "No More Mondays," and to do so in such a professional and constructive manner! I think you have captured the essence of Melissa's music and style perfectly. You very accurately identified the underlying motives and creative themes which underpinned the recording of the 12 tracks and the emotional impact Melissa was aiming to achieve with this collection of songs. In summary, your comprehensive and insightful review has provided excellent feedback on Melissa's debut album and how Melissa should position herself within the broader music industry from this point onwards."

-Murray Lipp, Promotions Assistant, Kitten Kong Records

"I must say that I was blown away by the fact that your review was heart-felt, researched, and lacking in fodder. With all the local reviews that are bland and non-creative, your review was refreshing and a great piece of literature. Thanks so much for listening and understanding what we are trying to accomplish. We have felt a big lift from your supportive words."

-Typhoon Ferri, Muse's Muse Award Winners

"I just saw your review of Native Unit. You made my day, month and year! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you said about the project. And by the way... you are a great writer! You write like I play (or better!). Some of the phrases and metaphors in your review were truly beautiful - just on their own. I hope things go well for your own artistic career. Thanks!"

-Eric Kamen, Music Artist/Composer/Producer/Muse's Muse Award Winner

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and enthusiasm about my music, and all the folks you've so generously supported with your words. Since the beginning of human time, artists hope the art they give will be received. Thank you for being such a beautiful place for my songs to go. I hope you have as much light in your life as you give!"

-Be well, Jennifer Greer, Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Composer/Muse's Muse Award Winner

"I just thought I'd write to tell you how valuable your review has been for Draw Tippy. My songs have been used on MTV's "Inferno 2" and "Real World Austin" and I couldn't have done it without your coverage and kind words. I'm selling CDs and I'm even starting to play live! Thanks for supporting Draw Tippy and encouraging me to try even harder! Thanks again and take care."

-Draw Tippy, Music Artist/Songwriter/Muse's Muse Award Winner

"I was just poking through The Muse's Muse and saw your article on the 6 Rules of Commercial Music Success. I've never heard someone stand up for commercial music before. It was really nice to see someone put it out there like that and say what so many artists don't want to admit, so I just thought I'd drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciated it."

-All the best, Genevieve, Singer/Songwriter

"We really appreciate your praise, your feedback, and what you do at The Muse's Muse; helping promote talented independent acts by giving them constructive criticism. It has to be a hard job, but we love that you love to do it! If only there were more of you in this industry."

-Thanks again, Mike Fiebach, Catastrofiks, Muse's Muse Award Winner for Best Rap Performance

"Aloha Gian!!! "I truly enjoyed your insightful reviews. Thank you for taking the time to listen and observe music from different places. Hawaii is so small and the market here is tiny, never did we ever think someone far away on the continent would pay attention to our island tunes here. Thanks again and aloha!"

-Mai, Keahiwai Girls, Singers/Musicians/Songwriters/Muse's Muse Award Winners

"My music colleagues like the review much better than the music (just kidding). The review is right on the money according to many of them. Thanks, it means a lot!"

-Anders Holst, Singer/Songwriter/Muse's Muse Award Winner

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Gian Fiero, Senior Music Reviewer
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