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CD REVIEW: Maureen Carr - Stones Unturned
By Jane Eamon - 11/21/2005 - 12:08 PM EST

Artist: Maureen Carr
Album: Stones Unturned
CD Review: When it’s so easy to record and release a CD, it gets harder and harder to connect with new artists. Production values and the choice of material sometimes dilute the offering, making it difficult to relate. After listening to Maureen Carr’s new CD, Stones Unturned, I felt a bit let down. Here’s a songwriter with something to say and a voice reminiscent of Nanci Griffin or Maddy Prior. But song after song left me wanting more and looking for that gem that would show off her talents.

There’s a down-home feel to this CD, and it made me think Carr would be fun at a party. But that didn’t translate well across the miles to my computer CD player. There’s lots of comfort here – country blues, softer rocking, flat out country and a couple of wistful numbers, but again – for the most part, nothing that reached in and grabbed me.

I did sit up for a tune called “Is Someone There?” That seemed different. There was sadness in this song that rang through. Not sure if this is personal experience, but the singing and the words seemed a lot clearer than other songs on the CD.

The fiddle player, Travis Wetzel, was outstanding. Perhaps a little too much so. He is obviously a very talented player, but his fiddling sometimes drowned out Carr’s vocal.

Overall, I would like to hear stripped down acoustic versions of Carr’s material. Maybe a little British Isles influence. There are hints of this in songs on the CD.

With so many folks doing the independent thing, it’s more important than ever to develop a uniqueness that will translate out into the world. We only get seconds to make that all important first impression.

For more information about Maureen Carr, visit her website at

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