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CD REVIEW: Amilia K Spicer - Seamless
By Jane Eamon - 12/30/2005 - 04:14 PM EST

Artist: Amilia K Spicer
Album: Seamless
CD Review: Margot Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies has a sister. Amilia K Spicer has a voice that could substitute for the Canadian singer in a heartbeat. And the music from her 2003 release, Seamless, would easily satisfy fans of the Junkies.

Spicer, an LA based singer/songwriter is a songwriter for sure. She has the credentials to prove it. Her music has been described, as “cinematic, moody” and cinema has definitely come calling. Her songs have been included on shows such as Dawson Creek, Roswell, Party of Five and several independent films. She has also been invited to teach at the prestigious songwriting school in Kerrville, Texas.

Her lines are wonderful and stand out – ‘listen in for the occasional wind but it just shut up’; ‘looks like a page nobody read, lost in the hallways of his head’. Wonderful stuff. She paints pictures so vividly that I was drawn into her music easily and totally.

And it helps her voice is easy to listen to; moody and cinematic just like her songs. I loved Delayed Effect. Beautiful painting of words…’there’s something in August that can choke your senses’. Love it. Little Cowboy – ‘I know when I retire, I’ll sit around a campfire, telling stories of the day before.’ Near Apart – ‘he rattled that cage empty, it was the Southern thing to do.' Safety in Numbers – ‘you kept the faith, but it slipped away before you aimed.” I love this stuff. I want to meet her. I want to pick her brain and find out where this stuff comes from.

My only beef – the tunes feel a wee bit dated to my ears. The CD is from 2003 but it feels even more dated. The arrangements are a little too much for the material. I think this is a writer that has a tremendous future but I fear she will be lost in production. It brings to mind the brilliant album by Patti Griffin, Living With Ghosts, where exceptional songwriting is front and centre. Everything else takes a back seat, as it should.

The press materials hinted at a new release in 2006 on Spicer’s own label, Free Range Records. It will be one I will watch for.

You can check out Amilia K Spicer at or by e-mail at

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