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CD REVIEW: Marc Douglas Berardo - Harbor
By Jane Eamon - 01/27/2006 - 01:08 PM EST

Artist: Marc Douglas Berardo
Album: Harbor
CD Review: I love this. Every once in awhile, a great CD falls into my lap and I love it. This is why I review CDs. To discover someone Iíve never heard of and in the normal course of life, probably never would. Marc Douglas Berardo is one such writer. His new CD, Harbor is lovely and well worth the listen.

Let me say right from the beginning, this man can write. I wasnít sure with the first cut, Blue Wave, but he had me from the second cut on. Shake Out The Dust, the 2nd track on the CD, is a beautifully written story of the impact cancer has on a family. Itís told in simple straightforward images Ė written like a conversation and so effective. I was there.

Take It Along is simple, thatís how good Berardo is. He writes simply with careful images and great tunes. I want to sing his songs. His voice is similar to John Prine and others like him, and maybe thatís where the success lies. It is so difficult to write simply and well. Berardo does both. It also helps that he can certainly play his guitar.

He tells stories about his life Ė Where The Road Turns to Shell and Sand and the beautiful title track, Harbor. Life in a port town dependant on the fishing industry and his love of the sea. These are real life stories and in the hands of a good writer all that more believable. Itís not surprising that folks are paying attention to Berardo. Heís been a winner and finalist in a lot of songwriting contests. He deserves it.

Most of the CD is acoustic but there are a few rootsy songs as well. The similarity between Berardo and Prine comes through on these. I must say that I wasnít as drawn to these, Iím more partial to the softer side. The writing impressed me. Heís good.

There is a song called Abuse which starts withÖ.go down Moses, go down Abraham/save the child from the wretched menÖ.I love it. I did have one little beefÖthere are some clanging non-rhymes in Berardoís lyrics. As a writer, I noticed.

I donít know where the CD is available but there is a website Ė and you can contact Hudson Harding Music at

It is a good CD and worth a listen, if only to read Berardoís words.

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