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CD REVIEW: Green to Think - Liar Like Me
By Lennon Bone - 02/07/2006 - 07:36 PM EST

Artist: Band: Green to Think
Album: Liar Like Me
CD Review: Artist: Green To Think (

Album: Liar Like Me

Rating: 79%

Rating Key: 0 - 19% (It hurt to listen) 20 - 29% (Awful) 30 - 39% (Bad) 40 - 49% (Almost average) 50 - 59% (Average) 60 - 69% (Good, but has problems) 70 - 79% (A good record) 80 - 89% (You must check it out!) 90 - 95% (Best I’ve heard in a long time!) 95 - 100% (Incredible! Nothing like it!)

“Green To Think” was formed by Steven and David Piperno in New Jersey during the summer of 2000. They have came a long way since then. Two EP’s, lots of touring, air play on some indie films and major television, and now a full length LP that’s got the production quality of a professionally done record, with only the help of Steven and his spare bedroom. Well - that, some close friends, and probably some pretty nifty recording equipment.

“Liar Like Me” is definitely a rock record. Not a bad one at that. Some driving distorted guitar, upfront vocals, catchy hooks, acoustic breakdowns, the whole package. But out of all of them, Steven’s strongest point has to be his voice. It has the potential to appeal to the masses, as well does his knack for writing some good pop/rock tunes. Song wise, the strong points in the record include the title track “Liar Like Me” which states to his love “Could you forgive a liar like me for a song that once was true?” It’s got a great acoustic feel to it, with a really strong build into a full out opera driven melody and fuzz bass. Only in indie music my friends, only in indie music.

The strongest songs in the record seem to be the ones that are acoustic driven and have more of a light hearted feel to them. Steven even gets down to some country roots with his tune “Wake Up Sarah”. He tends to keep the lyrical schemes simple and easy to follow allowing for the listener to catch on quickly - but without losing the personal nature of the storyline.

When it comes down to it, Steven and “Green To Think” have themselves a pretty darn good debut LP on their hands. Some great qualities that show that Steven is on the right track with his songwriting and production, as well as the fact that he has some major built in talent. Give this album a listen…and while your at it, download the track “Prisoner of War” on iTunes for a great cause.

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