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CD REVIEW: Random - "The Call"
By Gian F - 02/24/2006 - 02:40 AM EST

Artist: Random
Album: "The Call"
CD Review: Genre: Rap
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9
Commercial Value: 10
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: Still Aint Good Enough, Push, Raze The Bar, Black Out, The Opening Movement, Motivate
Weakness: None
CD Review: Random, who fittingly resides in the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia, PA) sent me an inspirational project that's camouflaged as a Rap CD. He almost had me fooled until I listened closely and discovered that he's a man with a mission and a message. In fact, he has many messages, but before he delves into any of them he want's you to know his motivation: He's sick and tired of many things including everybody talkin' bout they pack heat...tired of kids that can't comprehend, but know 50 Cent (songs) from beginning to end...sick of black women getting disrespected...and tired of going to more funerals than graduations. Those frustrations are voiced on the third track, "Raze The Bar," which is also Random's mission statement. Does he Raze The Bar? Absolutely.

If the early track, "Raze The Bar" is a jab, then "Still Aint Good Enough" is a sharp right hook. It combines lyrical content, forceful music production and prime performance skill with a thought-provoking chorus. Not only is this track radio ready and commercially viable, it's a conversation piece that centers around a myriad of social issues such as war, politics, education, career choices, and money. It's powerful!

As you sift through this project, you walk right into the knock out punch that will turn you into a Random fan. It's the track entitled "Push," which is an excellent complement to "Still Aint Good Enough." Peep the following lyrics:

Call me conscious cause I don't spit nonsense
I just give em' options, diversify the topics...
knock it if you must you wouldn't be the first one
I'm certain, got thick skin so it don't hurt none...
If I was cursin and blurtin stupidity it'd only make the situation worse and my people's is thirstin,
while demons is lurkin, it's about time somebody pull back the curtain...So I got to


Like a mother giving birth when it hurt
When the scene look the worst I'm the first one to
For Dr. King and push for Malcolm
The powers that be to change the outcome

Other standout tracks on this project include the funky, greasy beats of "The Opening Movement" and the jumping club track, "Black Out." Random even offers potential remedies to the problem of how black women are treated and showcases his versatility in the process on " Motivate."

Over the years I've reviewed some good and some great Rap projects, but none have been as significant as this one. He's a man who has received a calling and dares and cares enough to issue a calling to those who are receptive to it - without being preachy. Kudos to Random for having the courage to be different and having the ingenuity to present your message in a format that will connect with the very people for which it was intended. As he states, "Many are called, few a chosen." I'm glad he received The Call because he's a great messenger.

Advice: You need none. You have all the guidance you need. Keep spreading the word.


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