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CD REVIEW: Glenn Marais - Like a Child (single)
By Francesco Emmanuel - 03/05/2006 - 06:22 PM EST

Artist: Glenn Marais
Album: Like a Child (single)
CD Review: Singer/songwriter Glenn Marais has beautifully written and recorded a single for the plight of children in Africa with HIV/AIDS. This acoustic song has subtle touches of percussion, and the perfect melody line. It's the sort of melody line that makes you think, gets you sad, forces you to act and do something good, for all of mankind.

This idea was put forward by Glenn's former neighbour, six year old Paige Pedlar, who, after seeing a documentary on the plight of Aids orphans in Africa, decided that she was going to do something about it. She wrote a book, called 'Who will cuddle them when they sleep'. Paige started selling her book from door to door. The money she raised would go towards helping children in Africa. Children her age, who have no parents, children who have been forced to take care of younger siblings, all thanks to this terrible curse of a disease.

Paige's fervor spread like wildfire, and in January 2004, she now needed a song to go along with her book. She approached Glenn, who after reading her book was inspired to write this song. After two days of deliberation, he wrote it all in ten minutes. He recorded the song with producer Peter Swann of Attitude Productions who arranged and produced the instrumentation for the track.

To date, the book and CD have been making inroads into people's hearts. Both Paige and Glenn have appeared on countless shows together. Paige herself has had a number of radio and tv interviews. In May 2004, Paige met with Prime Minister Paul Martin and Bono who was visiting Mr. Martin in Ottawa. Paige read her book and Glenn's song was played at the film "A Closer Walk"s Canadian Premiere at the Manulife Center in Toronto, November 24. Both Paige and Glenn will be featured at next year's Urban Aids concert.

The appeal of this little girl's plea for something so simple and essential to our existence in this global village is a cause for which we should all strive to be a part. If we truly believe that we are all one people, then we should never leave our brothers and sisters in another land to die. No one deserves that sort of isolated neglect, for whatever reason.
I myself found it hard not to break down listening to the courage little Paige has had to do the right thing, something most adults would hesitate to do.

Glenn is as active as he ever was in the field of songwriting and producing for a number of artists. He also does many live performances with his solo work and his band Haight Ashbury.

If you feel moved to be a part of this great cause, then please visit. (website for 'Like a Child')
and (website for 'Who will cuddle them when they sleep')


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