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CD REVIEW: Billy Caldwell – Out of My League
By Jane Eamon - 03/08/2006 - 11:42 AM EST

Artist: Billy Caldwell
Album: Out of My League
CD Review: I love this sometimes. I’ve often said that it’s always a joy when you come across an independent release that is good. Billy Caldwell’s mini-CD, Out of My League is good. He has a voice like John Hiatt, that clear rootsy voice that sings right through you. And it doesn’t hurt that he can also play his guitar well.

The CD has 6 original songs, all in a rootsy genre. The CD also boasts a great fiddle player – Colin James McCaffrey. Maybe just a little overpowering at times, but good nonetheless.

I loved the song, Dissatisfaction. Could be a little too bouncy of a tune for the solemness of the words but a good strong song. I also liked the song Evangeline’s Tree. Good old timey feel.

Great packaging too. I strongly believe that your packaging is as important as the material. You only get seconds to make that first impression a great one.

Overall I think Caldwell has a great voice and writes a pretty good tune. I would love to hear him let it out. I think he’s got the voice for it. I’m thinking about a song by John Hiatt called “Have a Little Faith”. I could hear Caldwell sing it. That passion and intensity would suit him.

For more information about Caldwell, he has a website –

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