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Explanation Of Scoring System
By Gian F - 03/12/2006 - 05:24 PM EST

In case you are not familiar with my reviews, or you are considering sending a submission for a client, this brief explanation of the scoring system that I use in evaluating the music that I receive should answer any questions that you may have regarding my critiquing process. It's not a science, and like most perspectives taken when it comes to art, is very subjective; however, there are elements that music executives, publishers, hit songwriters/producers, music supervisors, and most importantly, music lovers, identify with most strongly in "commercial" quality songs - which are my specialty. The scores given in my reviews are based on the presence of those elements on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.

More detail on these elements follow:

Genre: This categorization is necessary for tracking and database info in this digital age.
Sounds Like: This is merely a point of reference for those unfamiliar with the project or the artist.
Technical Grade: This score is based on a direct comparison to the sonic quality (recording, mixing, and mastering) of the best projects in its genre.
Production/Musicianship Grade: Sure the songs might be good, but how they are musically presented is critically important.
Commercial Value: This score reflects how the CD would do in the marketplace at the time of the review, in comparison to similar songs/projects in the same genre which are at the top of the charts and on the radio.
Overall Talent Level: This is a combined score of all the talents (singing, songwriting, performing, musicianship, etc.) showcased on a project.
Songwriting Skills: This score is a direct comparison to the top songs and songwriters in your genre.
Performance Skill: Is the song merely recorded, or or is itperformed? I look for great performances that are captured in recordings.
Best Songs: Most people listen to CDs and pick out their favorite songs. As a reviewer I pick out the songs that have the best chance of becoming people's favorite songs.
Weakness: Correctable weaknesses are identified here. If the material is very strong, from an industry and music lover's standpoint, the word "none" will appear in this category. If a question mark appears ("?") it means that I can't detect a weakness as an industry professional.

*Please note that a score of less than 5 in any category disqualifies a project/single for review.

I look forward to receiving your submission.

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Gian Fiero, Senior Music Reviewer
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