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CD REVIEW: The Brooks Sisters – The Carport Sessions
By Jane Eamon - 03/21/2006 - 11:45 AM EST

Artist: The Brooks Sisters
Album: The Carport Sessions
CD Review: There is something soul-warming about sisters singing. The Waifs, the MacGregors, all feature that tight harmony vocal that comes from families together. The Brooks Sisters, Katherine and Caroline, are lovely. A little jazzy, little rootsy…all good.

Both girls grew up singing in the family band, Brookfield and are certainly no strangers to live performance. The Carport Sessions is their first full length CD. Very reminiscent of the Waifs – Sink or Swim.

I loved Greener. Lovely words and beautiful tune. I wish the lyrics had been included. I wanted to see the words. Had a little trouble understanding what they said. Here I Am is another great tune.

But that aside, Carport Sessions is a lovely CD. The singing is clear and pure with an innocence that’s refreshing. The songwriting is strong and polished. There is definitely a pop feel to this but there is no denying the influence of folks like Bruce Cockburn and the Beatles. The arrangements are simple and just enough.

My only beef – I felt like I needed to hear a wow moment. Not sure quite what that would be but something that blew my socks off. There were lots of pretty songs on this CD, the musicianship was good, the vocals lovely – but safe.

These sisters are definitely worth listening to if you like the Waifs and even if you don’t, they’re cool and easy on the ears.

You can check out the Brooks Sisters at

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