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CD REVIEW: invocal Ė Uneven Keel
By Jane Eamon - 03/25/2006 - 12:53 PM EST

Artist: invocal
Album: Uneven Keel
CD Review: I wonder if anyone out there remembers a group called Sparks. They were a quirky band that did mostly theatrical pieces more performance art than songs. Well, Iíve just heard a CD from England by a group called invocal and Sparks is alive and well.

Uneven Keel is a delightful CD by the all girl band, invocal. Itís a little bit gypsy, a little bit theatre, a little bit curious and a lot interesting. Itís kind of like walking into an old English antiques shop and looking around. All four girls play and sing in harmony and the music is anything but boring.

I found myself wishing I could see them live. There is a theatre element in their music that begs for live performance. Conversations to music, or talking as music. Itís very visual, very Mummers play but not always successful. I wanted to hear something like a verse-chorus at least once. But thatís just me.

Donít get me wrong. Most of the CD is great. Tinnitus and Me is delightful. I love the lineÖ.Ēyou canít leave the sleaze youíre buried in.Ē Itís so visual. Dear Friend, a great example of talking to music. ďIíve been trying to figure out exactly how to let you know that youíre awful and I hate youí. You canít get much more conversational than that. Or Wondergirls Ė ďyouíre a weirdo, but Iím glad youíre my friendĒ. Or Ha Ha Ha Ha Ė tongue twisting word play that would make Eminem proud.

This is definitely a Diva sound. These girls are very talented. Itís not for everyoneís taste but itís good. They are planning a tour of North America soon and I would recommend checking them out. Itís a little like opening a Jack in the Box, a surprise that may startle then delight you. Worth it.

Their website is or e-mail at

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