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CD REVIEW: Melissa Forbes - "No More Mondays"
By Gian F - 03/28/2006 - 06:14 PM EST

Artist: Melissa Forbes
Album: "No More Mondays"
CD Review: Genre: Adult Contemporary/Jazz/R&B
Sounds Like: Vanessa Williams
Technical Grade: 10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 10
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: Thinking You Over, Shadows Of Love (Love For Sale), Broken Wings, As I Sing
Weakness: None!
CD Review: In order to fully enjoy and appreciate this self-produced debut project from Melissa Forbes, an ex-lawyer turned singer/songwriter from Australia, you need one or a combination of the following: maturity, relationship experience, a desire for real love, or a sincere fondness for introspective lyrics and quality musicianship.

Melissa's roster of well-written songs flow effortlessly into each other like water into streams, showcasing musically fluid tracks that are defined by her technically precise vocals and high production values. She is a true artist who is not afraid to take risks, as evidenced on her adaptation and rendition of the Neo Soul Classic, "Brown Sugar" ("Black Coffee/Brown Sugar") which is a bold move marketing move that pays off; effectively grabbing your attention and forcing you to ask the question: "Who is this white girl doing a D'Angelo song?"

Once your interest has been peaked in this project, you suddenly discover that your musical thirst has been quenched, and your hunger for lyrical depth has been satisfied - all while listening to the first 6 songs on this 12 song disc which includes a seductive cover of Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough," a vocal showcase on "Broken Wings" and the most commercial track, "Thinking You Over," which proves that only a talented writer and former lawyer could poetically and correctly use the word "obfuscation" in a lyric.

From beginning to end this project stimulates your ears, thoughts, and emotions while smoothly blending Jazz and R&B into a genre that Melissa can call her own. Songs like "Rising Up" which will evoke memories of "My Favorite Things" and her R&B gem "Shadow's Of Love (Love For Sale)" which will resonate at Urban radio stations and with R&B audiences alike, are done with distinction, personality, and flavor. Like most great music artists, she leaves you with a message that you can relate to which is born from her own experience on the deeply personal and inspiring, "As I Sing," which invites and encourages all of us to not waste another day and not to wish your life away waiting for happiness to find you...

I think she's found it...and with a project of this quality, there should be No More Mondays at the office.

Advice: Market this project slowly and persistently. A publishing deal would be an excellent way to draw attention to your talent and give you the leverage you need (as a writer and music artist) to get the financing and promotion of a major label joint venture for your major talents. Persistence and strategy will be the key in a fickle U.S. market.

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