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CD REVIEW: Dasha - "It's Just A Number"
By Gian F - 03/28/2006 - 09:12 PM EST

Artist: Dasha
Album: "It's Just A Number"
CD Review: Genre: Rock
Sounds Like: Alanis Morissette/Guns & Roses
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 9
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: Downhill, Under, If, Self-Destructive, If, Atheist
Weakness: None
CD Review: How do you top an EP that wins you 2004 Muse's Muse Awards for Best Publishing Deal Potential, Best Long Term Potential Success; Best Female Rock Vocal Performance; and Best EP? With a full-length LP that justifies the previous awards and positions you as the front runner in your genre to be the recipient of future Muse's Muse Awards. That's exactly what Dasha (formerly known as Darla Postnikova), a singer/songwriter/classically trained pianist from Canada did.

Dasha's new project captures the ire of love in a way that can best be described as "emotionally" descriptive. From the opening track, "The Last Time," which speaks to the frustration that one feels when you come to the realization that you're not being treated the way would like to be treated in a relationship, to the title track "13," in which she refers to her ex as a jester...a kind of joker and ranks him right up there with Bush and Hitler...She goes on to call him an ugly, lying, cheating bastard, who doesn't deserve the same last name as his mother....and if there's any doubt left as to how she really feels, she spells it out in the chorus: "I swear I've never been so happy as when you left me...I didn't know the world could be so God damn I am alive." Yes, it's official: Alanis Morissette has passed the torch of acrimony to Dasha.

Despite the project's theme of indignation expressed over love gone awry, you are never distracted from her skill as a writer, an artist, a performer, and a musician. Her patented style of Rock is both accessible and tangible and she displays the nuances of her talents in every song.

Her most commercial track, "Downhill," which is about co-dependence, grabbed my industry ears as the most commercially viable, radio-ready tune on this CD with it's simple and infectious chorus that lingers long after the track has stopped. Her Guns & Roses influence shines through on the melodic "If," which is a clever, and catchy tune that addresses the endless reasons as to why one doesn't leave someone after they've decided to do so, and the retro-Pop flavored, "Self-Destruction."

Dasha's writing talent is immense and her potential for industry success is enormous...she is simply on another level. Both the music and publishing industries willl strike gold when they get their hands on her catalogue. Congratulations on completing a project that is commercially strong, artistically developed, and musically sound.

Advice: You need none. Your destiny is calling you, make sure you answer it.

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