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CD REVIEW: Bill Madden - Gone
By Jane Eamon - 04/13/2006 - 12:58 AM EDT

Artist: Bill Madden
Album: Gone
CD Review: Rhyme, rhyme, rhyme, rhymeÖdo we as songwriters have to rhyme? Itís a hotly debated topic around my kitchen table and my short answer isÖmost of the time. I donít know, I think our brains are conditioned to hear songs with some sort of logical rhyming scheme. SoÖI had a wee bit of trouble with Bill Maddenís CD, Gone.

Donít get me wrong; Iím not saying I didnít like it. The production is quite unique, like an old Moody Blues record with Maddenís interesting vocals. The poetry of his words is all over the CD; he is most definitely a poet. ButÖ.

It was cool for the first few tracks, then the sameness of the production wore thin. I was tired of the uniqueness. It lost me. It seemed to take a long time for Madden to get to the point. And titles were buried deep in the lyrics. Thatís a whole other discussion. Why do we call songs certain things? Whatís the purpose of the title? Is it just a title and need have nothing to do with the song? I think titles are everything. They set up the listener for whatís to comeÖthe anticipation.

Madden has lots to say. His press materials call him...Ēa powerful independent socio-political voice.Ē Thatís quite a moniker. Madden certainly takes on subjects like profit and greed, corrupt governments, killing for oilÖbig topics. ButÖI donít know, maybe itís just me. I wanted to be drawn into the pathos of the human condition without the unusual production values. Give me a stripped down Bob Dylan political satire any day. He was a master of poetical songwriting.

Madden is released by MadMuse. Heís an interesting songwriter. The CD is unique. You may like it, you may not.

For more info on Bill Madden, his website is or e-mail

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