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CD REVIEW: Janine Davy- Looking for You
By Jon Stewart - 04/18/2006 - 06:11 PM EDT

Artist: Janine Davy
Album: Looking for You
CD Review: In this well-produced CD, Ms. Davy’s voice is the centerpiece. Her vocals hit their peak on the songs written by Steven Digman, especially the first track “How Much Longer…”, a beautiful, sparingly orchestrated and haunting composition where the question lingers, “When will you tell me you don’t love me anymore?”. For someone going through the last throes of a relationship, it will have a paralyzing, devastating effect. For others, the song will make the listener appreciative of the talent invested in this album.

The second track is a cover of “Love Hurts”. The selection of this song is the weakest on the album and does little to contribute to this showcase of Ms. Davy’s vocal style. There is a resonance lacking that is found on most of the other songs. In general, all the covers on this CD, including “Oh, Darling” by the Beatles and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder are not selections that make this CD stand out.

The third song on the album “Happy Hour” again makes good use of Ms. Davy’s vocal style and is written by Steven Digman. Mr. Digman, of Hagerstown, MD, is a songwriter, reviewer, poet, producer and entrepreneur who contributes nine of the CD’s twelve songs. “Happy Hour” has a nice bluesy beat that blends well with the theme.

“Valentines on Christmas Day” is a sentimental song that escapes the overwrought approach that could have been used and, with its sparse instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics, is one of the best songs for Ms. Davy’s vocal style on the CD.

The rest of the songs, all written by Mr. Digman, are tours through the intricacies of human relationships and range from pop influences to rhythm & blues to jazz. Ms. Davy’s voice shines through each and makes you wonder why she hasn’t been heard from before. The answer is rooted in the popular music of today. This album is too quaint for the CD buying set and lacks the driving beats, instrumentation and overdubbing seen in today’s R & B. Grade B.

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