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CD REVIEW: Ropatt - The Return of the Twin
By Francesco Emmanuel - 04/26/2006 - 09:14 PM EDT

Artist: Ropatt
Album: The Return of the Twin
CD Review: Musician/songwriter Ron Patton has released his second album 'The Return of the Twin' under his musical moniker Ropatt, this album is a follow up to his debut solo effort 'Biggie was here', released 2003 on Twin Noir Records.

It is a soft, mellow album, filled with many gracefully crafted songs that can be further interpreted to include vocals as well. It's all instrumental, but the songs don't feel as if they lack vocal melodies at all. In most cases, keyboards carry a main melody line and there is the traditional verse/chorus format.

Electronic drum tracks, bass, keyboards, guitar and horns are the main instruments used throughout the recording. The record has a very 80s pop-oriented R& B feel to it. The tracks are mostly happy and groovy. Check out tunes like 'Another Kiss' and 'Sweetest Smile'. The horns in 'Loaded Life' are intermittantly dispersed just at the right moment to add a nice touch to this easy-going groove.

I can honestly see Ron's music being used as the perfect background setting for a scene in a movie, perhaps in a lounge bar.

Ron has been making music his life since 1976, when he moved to Los Angeles and began writing for Holland-Dozier-Holland Productions in Hollywood.

He has a very keen ear for arranging, normally I don't listen to music this mellow, but his hooks keep on catching me, there's one at every corner. Ron Patton certainly knows the art of great songwriting.

Ron has arranged and written every track on this album with the exception of 'Something about U', that he co-wrote with his twin brother Arnold, and former bandmate, bassist Alvin Taylor.

With many years of songwriting under his belt, it's no wonder Ron has made a career out of music, he has a great ear for the discipline. With this album, Ron Patton returns to music.

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