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CD REVIEW: Rick Spreitzer – From the Bottom
By Jane Eamon - 06/21/2006 - 12:55 PM EDT

Artist: Rick Spreitzer
Album: From the Bottom
CD Review: Sometimes I come across a CD from an independent writer that is better than most. It’s thoughtful, well presented and well written. The truth of the writing rings through every song and I’m drawn into the stories and music from start to finish. Rick Spreitzer’s 3rd CD, from the bottom, is such a CD. With a voice reminding me of John Prine and Waylon Jennings, Spreitzer manages to entertain me all the way through.

The CD of 12 songs all written by Spreitzer run the gamut of emotions and leave a little nugget of something behind. I love his way with words. “…how do you take back the holes in the wall…” from From The Bottom. Or “…I’m stricken with a fever called too much time alone…” from Old Coins and Memories. Or “….time she’s a broken black-winged bird…” from Falling Down.

The production is simple and sparse. There’s not a lot of it to clutter up Spreitzer’s music. One little thing, I would have liked his voice a little more front and centre. It seems a little far back in the mix.

The packaging is simple and classy. Nothing really jarring or self-aggrandizing. Spreitzer does an interesting thing with his lyrics giving you only a few lines from each song. Being as I’m a songwriter myself and drawn to lyrics, I would have personally liked all the lyrics.

There are a lot of good songs on this CD and it’s a satisfying thoughtful journey. I would recommend it.

For more information about Spreitzer, his website – or email at

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