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CD REVIEW: Zoe Mulford – Roadside Saints
By Jane Eamon - 06/21/2006 - 02:39 PM EDT

Artist: Zoe Mulford
Album: Roadside Saints
CD Review: It’s interesting how we as songwriters choose our topics to write about. The common themes of love lost, won and found…we’ve all written about them. But it’s always refreshing when a writer chooses such mundane topics as crystal glassware or soup stock and is successful.

Zoe Mulford’s CD, Roadside Saints is a songwriter’s CD. It’s full of quirky poetic songs about lots of things. She has a lovely sweet voice and a strong writer’s eye. There are interesting bits everywhere. I was reminded of Mary Gauthier a little, though Mulford is much more melodic and sweet. I think her strength lies in her vocal delivery. I found her edgier songs like Blues For Two, not so successful.

There are several flavors weaving through – Celtic, blues, roots, old-timey – some better than others. Her voice is clear and strong. But I must admit even though the writing is good, there is really nothing on this CD that made me go wow. Maybe it’s the jumping around of genres, or the lack of apparent cohesion, or the simple sweet melodic vocals without anything leaping to the front. It just felt a little flat. Good but not inspiring.

Mulford designed the CD packaging and did the cover illustration. It is simple and classy. I’ve said it quite a few times before; you only get 30 seconds to stand out from the crowd. Spend the time to produce the best packaging you can.

Roadside Saints is good. I wish it was great.

For more information about Mulford, her website –

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