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CD REVIEW: Steve Lorig Ė Age of Ignorance
By Jane Eamon - 06/21/2006 - 02:58 PM EDT

Artist: Steve Lorig
Album: Age of Ignorance
CD Review: Itís so easy to do a CD these days. Anybody with a home recording program and a CD burner can churn out a CD. But is it good and is it something everyone should do? Now thatís a whole different debate. There was a reason why it was so difficult to get a record deal in the past. You had to prove your worth to record. I think thatís important.

Steve Lorigís CD, Age of Innocence, was definitely a home-grown effort. If it had gone to a radio station, chances are it wouldnít get played. Donít get me wrong, Lorig can write songs Ė there is a Dylanesque flavor to his writing. But the packaging and production is a bit of a turn-off.

Iíve had numerous discussions of late about recording. Someone once asked me what I wanted my audience to do and I had to think. Maybe itís important that we ask ourselves that before we record. Why are we doing this? What is going to happen when our CD is complete? What are our listeners going to do? What do we want them to do? I pose these questions to Mr. Lorig. What do you want your listeners to do when they see and hear your CD?

There is a basement tapes type quality to the CD. In the 60ís it was cool.... is it still?

For more information about Lorig, his email Ė

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