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CD REVIEW: Ian Kelly - Insecurity
By Francesco Emmanuel - 06/26/2006 - 07:21 PM EDT

Artist: Ian Kelly
Album: Insecurity
CD Review: Insecurity is the debut release by the multi-talented Ian Kelly. Not only did Ian record this album in his apartment in Montreal, not only did he mix and master the entire project himself; he also played every single instrument on this record. And I mean every single thing!!!

He’s a one man show, he’s a singer/songwriter who did all lead and backing vocals, all guitars, bass, synths, piano, programming, sequencing, drums and last but not least, all percussions. I mean, holy smokes! I’m thoroughly impressed, for a debut album, this is phenomenal.

And wait, he released it on his own label ‘Me, Myself and I Music’. So is there anything this guy doesn’t do?

His songs have a pop/folk, country and western feel to them, and yet there’re a couple mellow piano jazz inspired numbers. His voice is smoothe, like a jazz singer, yet raspy like a seasoned bluesman, reminds me a bit of Dave Matthews but not too much. I really liked ‘Drops of Esther’, it has that melancholy feel, something bands like Radiohead have done so well. It makes you remember some bittersweet time in your life.

It’s a rather mellow album, no screaming guitars, no crazy time changes, but there’re no weak spots on this record either. The songs all breathe rather nicely and flow quite well between one another. I just wonder for how long did Ian have these ideas in his head, for nothing sounds rushed or over processed, it sounds very natural and true.

The lyrics in ‘Fake world’ really do catch you, so many of us are caught up in this materialistic world, and Ian Kelly does a great job of telling it like it is.
The lyrics in ‘Days’ go something like this – Feels like you, looks like you, tastes like you, but it ain’t you I swear.

That’s something anyone who’s been in love can relate to.

Ian Kelly is all-round a great musician, composer and producer, the entire world is his canvas. If this is his debut release, well then I’m sure we’ll hear many, many great things from this bright young star in the years ahead. I just have one question, what’s Ian Kelly’s 'Insecurity’, I’m just curious.

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