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CD REVIEW:Deane Nesbitt Jr. – Everywhere from Here
By Francesco Emmanuel - 06/26/2006 - 07:39 PM EDT

Artist: Deane Nesbitt Jr.
Album: Everywhere from Here
CD Review: Deane Nesbitt writes music that soothes the soul and sets the mind at ease. His fourth album to date, and follow-up to his 1998 release ‘Castaway’, (which reached # 2 on HMV Toronto Superstore’s Independent Top 15 chart), is an album filled with inspiring music, music to inspire the listener’s heart and mind.

Deane does an excellent job of setting such a relaxing mood in which one can just stretch out on their favorite chair and watch the clouds go by on a cool, quiet day.

His music is very calming, all instrumental and based around his superb grand piano work. Brain Gagnon plays all keyboards, guitars and percussion here and also handles the job of arrangement and production. There are also some beautifully played Uilleann pipes that introduce a track now and again.

His songs seem to have a familiarity to them, it reminded me of my childhood days; there was not a single track that did not take me back to a special moment in my life. I particularly liked ‘Fundy’- the key, the melody line, everything was just great - interesting name for a song. The beginning number, ‘Time and memory’ is once again visited at the end of the album, in a way bringing the record to a fitting close. ‘Canadian Summer’ is another track that will certainly be a favorite with all people of the north, such a great summer tune.

Deane began his musical career by performing for the visually impaired.
His music is endorsed by the Canadian Institute of Stress, the Hans Selye Foundation and the Centre for Corporate Vitality. One can certainly see why, most songs are written in major keys, no sad melancholy numbers here; it certainly is great to hear such a change now and then. As much as I like my sad stuff, being happy now and then is a good thing.

If you’re looking for a nice, soothing summer album just to chill by the cottage, then I certainly suggest picking up Deane Nesbitt’s latest ‘ Everywhere from here’


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