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CD REVIEW: JD Colt - Colt Country Demo
By Jane Eamon - 08/02/2006 - 12:02 PM EDT

Artist: JD Colt
Album: Colt Country Demo
CD Review: With pop country fast becoming the next rock and roll, it’s nice to hear that someone is still writing and performing old time country a la Hank Snow and Hank Williams. Not sure how much commercial market there is for it, but it’s nice to hear.

JD Colt, a singer/songwriter from Michigan, sent me a demo of several songs. Most of the songs were just vocals and guitar. He also performed and produced them all too.

He’s got a voice like Chris Isaak. That lovely low crooning country voice that made young girls weep in the 50’s. And it’s not surprising his material speaks of lost loves, crying eyes and golden hair for these are the things traditional country ballads are made of.

But they’re long. Oh my dear, they’re long. I would seriously suggest that Colt try and get to a few songwriting workshops to learn how to trim. I’ve said this before and it’s worth repeating, when you write a song, stand in front of a mirror or a good friend or partner and say the song out loud. No singing, just talking like in a conversation. Listen to how it sounds. Would you say those words? Would your character say those things? What are you trying to say? What’s your point? (And there should only be one point, folks!) Why should we care? Be careful that you’re not writing old clichés that have been said a thousand times before. Chances are if you’ve heard it, so has everyone else. Find a fresh way to say old things.

I suspect this is a pre-production or just a plain archive of songs JD has written. There is very little production value, though there are a couple of songs with other instruments. I would suggest that JD take one or two good songs, put them through the wringer for lyric tightening and form, then produce them as full up as he can. He’s got a great voice.

For more information about JD Colt, you can e-mail him at He doesn’t appear to have a website.

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