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CD Review: David Liberty - Labyrinth of Leers
By Francesco Emmanuel - 08/04/2006 - 12:59 PM EDT

Artist: David Liberty
Album: Labyrinth of Leers
CD Review: Singer/songwriter David Liberty has released his fourth album ‘Labyrinth of Leers’, a sort of retro album that has a definite 1980s sound. In looking inside the jacket sleeve, I noticed that most of these songs were written in the 80s, with a few more written in this new century.

So, in a sense, it’s a case of old meeting the new and the two combining as one to create David’s latest effort.
He has a bluesy, gutsy sort of voice, in some cases it sounds raw, and yet at times it sounds almost operatic in nature, it’s quite interesting. He has a rather cool growl at times. At times I get the feeling David was a jazz singer gone pop-rocker. I feel as if someone put David in a time warp and brought him to our present time.

‘Mystic Lady’ has a definite Dire Straits feel to it, guitar tones and David’s style of singing. ‘Stainless Steel Champagne Saucer’ has a distinct sax melody and that’s something you don’t hear much in pop music anymore, it’s basically a power pop ballad.

The songs have a definite retro feel to them – the tempo of songs, guitar tones; the use of saxophone, and David’s voice, the entire production feels like a page from that era.

I really liked the lyrics in ‘Woe is me’, it is so true, it’s something that we all do, forget about the plight of others and focus on ourselves and our own little world and our material possessions, never releasing that we always have time to help those in need. I especially liked the line that goes ‘You see it’s not easy being me, that’s why I like to go home and watch my colour TV but oh, woe is me, programming’s lousy’.

His lyrics are dry and to the point, and at times are painfully truthful, and why not. If you can’t say what you feel, why even bother. David’s bio states that he’s politically active about life and his music. He also believes that people want more than just a hook, that they want insight; in that respect he holds a mirror to his listeners and himself.

I find it quite elusive, to draw listeners in with catchy songs, that are very listener friendly and them make them think with provocative lyrics, I really liked that.
Apparently, David has just written song #165, and I can’t wait to hear what he sings about next.

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