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CD REVIEW: Rick Temporao & The New Low – Down in Front
By Francesco Emmanuel - 08/04/2006 - 01:04 PM EDT

Artist: Rick Temporao & The New Low
Album: Down in Front
CD Review: Rick Temporao has a cool, easy-going voice. A voice that reminds me of James Blunt and Jason Mraz mixed with the Backstreet boys; it has a familiar feel to it, something that can draw any listener into his world. Now, add some great hooks and pop rock tunes and there you have it.

Rick’s debut release was written whilst on his nomadic journey to Turkey, but it was recorded in Toronto with multi-platinum producer Brian Allen. The result is Down in Front - an album full of catchy pop numbers, a ballad here and there and a rock number or two.
Rick also plays guitar throughout the album. It could be seen as a heavier, non-cheese version to the boy-bands I think, which is cool, heavier is good. Heavier in groove and tone that is.

It starts off like a classic rock album; solid grooves and soft harmonies, nice mix of guitars and keyboards interplaying off each other.

The song that hit me the most was ‘The News’, it starts off as a good solid rocking song, but there’s a totally unexpected change in tempo after the first chorus, and I respect that, throw your listener a curve ball now and then. Don’t hand everything to them on a silver platter, anyway, back to the record.
‘Fisherman’ has an unusual progression of chords at the intro, very interesting, at first I thought it was a mistake, but as the progression continues, it makes sense. Nice touches of piano in the verse and great fills of piano in the bridge as well. ‘As Much as you’ is a subtle piano song, which leads into ‘Maniac’ grooving rather nicely. Here he actually sounds a bit like Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) and Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace).

Rick’s music is not the most amazing thing you’ll ever hear, but it is fresh to the ears. It is not complex, but it’s not terribly simple either. I’ve heard some CDs where I had to fight to find words to write, but I really liked this CD, I played it a number of times, liking it more each time.
It’s instantly accessible, it’s a record you can get right into, and almost sing along to the chorus on a first listen.

Rick Temporao has a great sense of songwriting, and I can only imagine that his next release is going to be another smash hit.

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