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CD REVIEW: Swing Rosie – Sing Cool, Swing Hot
By Francesco Emmanuel - 08/04/2006 - 01:20 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Swing Rosie
Album: Sing Cool- Swing Hot
CD Review: Sing Cool, Swing Hot is the debut release by Swing Rosie; Toronto’s newest swing jazz sensation. In their first six months of existence, these girls and their band have been raising the jazz standards and setting hearts afire, and it’s no wonder.

The first thing that caught my ears was the finesse of the harmonies, supplied by Shannon Butcher, Kira Callahan and Chantelle Wilson. They have such sweet voices, perfect control of pitch and tone and they blend together so well. They cover all the bases – mezzo, soprano and alto. Their voices are produced rather well too; with no one voice overpowering the other two. The entire album was recorded live off the floor at Phase One studios.

The result is an album of classic swing numbers, bouncy, lively tracks that just get your feet grooving and your heart thumping. The record includes such hits as ‘Bei Mir Bist du Schoen’ and ‘Cape Cod’. Amazingly, tracks like ‘Suzie Kazoo’ and ‘Swing Rosie’ sound as if they came straight from the same era, but they’re actually original compositions.

So, it’s fair to say that these swingers aren’t out to reinvent the wheel, nor fix something that ain’t broke. They’re just out to make some great music and re-visit some good old classics, and that’s cool.

It is a snappy, happy album that has been receiving rave reviews and constant airplay on JAZZ.FM91, AM 740, CIUT, CHRY and the CBC.

So, if you’re looking to shine your dancing shoes and put back some pep in your step, then I suggest checking out Swing Rosie’s latest. Something a lil old, and a lil new, hot and cool.

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