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CD REVIEW: Cyan - Cloud
By Chip Withrow - 09/17/2006 - 11:55 PM EDT

Artist: Cyan
Album: Cloud
CD Review: When Tropical Storm Ernesto lumbered through Florida a couple of weeks ago, my family all got the day off school and jobs. It was a dreary, rainy day, so we needed indoor entertainment.

We wanted some music, so I put in Cyan's CD Cloud. We found ourselves dancing to a couple of the songs, and our daughter asked us to replay a couple of them so we could dance some more. And later, when I went back to listen to the slower, atmospheric numbers, I appreciated their musical depth.

Cloud is an illuminating listening experience for me. The five-song format allows me to listen to the whole disc on my way to work, as the sun rises over Southwest Florida. Songs like "In my Dreams" and especially "La Danse De Nos Reves" have a Latin feel to them, and every song has a mysterious, Gypsy-esque flavor.

Cyan is a expressive singer, and as producer and arranger he has created a lush musical backdrop for his voice. He also wrote or co/wrote all five songs

When I first heard the opening track, "Thorny Rose," I didn't much care for the lyrics. But I was intrigued by the way the seductive-yet-eerie verses slide into the chorus. Randy Singer's harmonica in the chorus adds an exuberant touch. And while I still think the words are a bit over the top, I must admit some lines are pretty sexy.

The title track is ethereal and spooky. “Cloud” is framed by pretty finger-picked acoustic guitar, with ominous slashes of electric guitar to create tension.

“In My Dreams” has a wonderful singalong chorus that gives it pop appeal. “The Way I Am” is lilting, with infectious strings and an anthemic chorus. And Cyan’s voice absolutely soars on “The Way I Am.”

The closing “La Danse De Nos Reves” is the one that got us dancing. As someone who thinks “Living La Vida Loca” is one of the most brilliant songs ever, I had no choice but to groove to “La Danse.” Pulsing percussion throughout, wild violin, and a vocal that bounces between French and Spanish – what a blast.

Catchy like good pop, textured and often hypnotic, Cyan's Cloud is a good listen for a rainy day. It works on a sunny Saturday like today, too.

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