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CD REVIEW: Keith Pyle - Peace and Quiet
By Francesco Emmanuel - 09/23/2006 - 12:34 AM EDT

Artist: Keith Pyle
Album: Peace and Quiet
CD Review: Singer-songwriter Keith Pyle has released his second album ‘ Peace and Quiet’. It’s not peaceful, nor is it quiet. Apparently he had the idea for his sophomore effort as soon as he finished his debut ‘…and everything’s a blur

His songs are however, rather quirky; maybe it’s his voice or maybe it’s the guitar tones. Whatever it is, Keith holds his own throughout the record, twelve songs, well-crafted lyrics, filled with wit and satire (all lyrics are printed inside the CD jacket, so may I suggest giving them a read, and laugh if you feel the need).

Keith sings and plays rhythm guitar on all tracks. There’s a fairly long list of musicians and vocal collaborators, the drummer’s name caught my eye: Ringo Sars, very interesting. There’s a fiddle here, a harmonica there, oh and a trumpet player too.

I especially liked ‘He jumped ship’ (something we guys never do, right? Anyway), ‘Hoosier Station’ and ‘I wanna be a pop star’. I personally think it’s a very brave album, in this day of rock stars and divas; here comes Keith, acting all natural and funny at the same time. And in the process, he’s made an easy going, ‘no-hype’ record.

Hi songs have a light-grunge feel to them, with a southern touch here and there. At times they hint of Weezer, other times I hear Ben Folds Five. The album is quite enjoyable, filled with catchy guitar licks and phrases. Overall, it’s a great pop album.

Keith also sings backup for The Famous Celebrities and plays acoustic guitar for the St. John’s Lutheran church band.

He’s in the process of working on his third record: ‘The Rebirth of Radio’.

Both albums are available at, CD Baby and Tower Records.

So I strongly suggest adding Mr. Keith Pyle’s version of ‘Peace and Quiet’ to your list of indie artists.

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