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CD Review: Kate Ashby-Craft: Love is all there is
By Francesco Emmanuel - 10/04/2006 - 12:38 PM EDT

Artist: Kate Ashby
Album: Craft: Love is all there is
CD Review: Kate Ashby-Craft has lived the life of a musician. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, she began her career as a voice and theatre major at University. Soon after, she hit the road, performing everything from country to rock and blues, touring Canada and the US. She’s been involved with music in some form or fashion ever since.

Kate’s latest is called ‘Love is all there is’, it is a concept album with all twelve songs exploring the different dimensions of love. The CD jacket contains liner notes that explain the rationale behind each number.

Most songs have an uplifting message behind them but ‘All I need is you’ is a bouncy lil track, short and sweet; and it’s about the lighter side of love. ‘We will find a way’ is a very powerful song about the human condition overcoming any obstacle; it reminisces of those ’80 power ballads.

The music on this record falls within the category of Adult Contemporary/Soft pop with a hint of Latin/Country and Folk added in as well. Kate has a rather bluesy, soulful voice that almost has an operatic feel to it, very powerful indeed. On this record she wrote most of the songs, but the words for ‘The Sea’ came from an anonymous poem that her mom sent awhile back. Kate also produced the album and assisted in arranging as well.

Inside the album cover there’s a picture of Kate’s mom, the late Lilian (Ashby) Chaddock, to whom the album is dedicated. I really appreciated what was written here – that the greatest gift anyone can ever receive is unconditional love. Sometimes after reading these things inside a CD jacket you get to appreciate the music and the artist even more.

There are also pictures of a few ‘animal friends’; namely a cat, a raccoon and a frog. So it can be said that nature inspires this here musician/singer/songwriter, and as such ‘Memories of you’ is dedicated to Raccy raccoon.

Kate released her first album; ‘The Many Faces of’ back in the late 70’s, and the first single ‘Situation Blue’ did fairly well on Canadian radio stations. During the 80’s she won a province wide talent search in her home of Nova Scotia and recorded two country singles which received favorable radio play. In the 90’s she left the road for a while to pursue songwriting, settled in St. Mary’s, Ontario and released ‘Heart and Soul’ in 1995. Her single ‘A song for Lorian’ was well received by adult radio stations and received a certificate of merit for placing in the top 10% of 1997’s UNISONG contest.

In May 2003, she released ‘You’re My Addiction’ and not only received commercial country radio play all across Canada, US and Europe, but also garnered a nomination from American country radio for the ‘Golden Microphone Award’ as part of Airplay International’s ‘King Eagle Music Awards’ held in Nashville later that year.

Nowadays Kate performs mostly around Southern Ontario, playing at such notable venues as the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, Waterloo’s Festival of lights, The Canterbury Folk Festival, Ingersoll and the Stratford Festival of Canada. She continues to receive rave reviews about her music from radio gurus and critics alike.
Her CD is available through IndiePool - who distribute to 195 retail stores across Canada including HMV and She can also be found at
If you’re looking for music that will inspire and uplift, then have a listen to Kate Ashby-Craft.

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