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Ebb and flow of songwriting
By Jeff Oxenford - 11/17/2006 - 10:48 AM EST

Over the past year, my songwriting productivity has been all over the board. For a few months I was writing two to three songs per week. Last month I only managed to complete one song. In looking back, itís the discipline that has been the biggest factor. When Iíve been in the flow, I was doing my daily practice of morning pages, exercising, and learning something new supplemented with a songwriting group and weekly lessons. I also took a challenge posed on BloggingMuses to post a new song per week on my website.

Unfortunately, life caught up with me. In the last two months, Iíve been pulled in a number of different directions including easy things like looking for a job, being in school, moving, and getting engaged. Iím also shifting my style to focus more on the groove (check out my blog for more details). In the middle of all this change itís hard to keep up the daily practices necessary to fuel my creativity.

The one thing that I have accomplished has been to write the music for a number of songs. Being a guitarist first, I always find time to play for an hour every day. Just to alleviate stress, Iím constantly coming up with new tunes. Since lyrics require work, Iíve got at least 10 tunes stacked up and waiting for the lyrical muse to begin flowing. Guess I better start up those daily practices again.

Iíve listed my daily practices on my website. Check them out.

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