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CD REVIEW: Kim Kline - Kim Kline
By Jon Stewart - 02/09/2007 - 05:20 PM EST

Artist: Kim Kline
Album: Kim Kline
CD Review: There is a certain kind of girl whose lips form of a heart when they sing. Kim Kline is one of those. This trait and her classic beauty take my breath away; and, she can carry a tune. All four songs on this demo CD are tightly written, serious compositions. Each of the songs have attributes and limitations so common to rock today.

The first song, “Inside”, will make you think you’re listening to the radio because you will feel like you’ve heard it before. You can imagine her performing it for some Disney executives who will never be sure if it will work for their audience (it will). The delivery is heartfelt, the lyrics seem fitting and the music ebbs and flows as you would expect. But, it feels less than the sum of its parts.

When Bob Dylan was asked how to make a song interesting he said, “Start hitting on the black keys.” Good advice. Some of the emo bands use Drop D tuning. Good advice but don’t overdo it. Some musicians deconstruct a rock classic and reinvent chord progressions, bridges and melodies; think Radiohead. More good advice. Listen to the radio to get an idea of what is popular so that it can be recreated. Bad advice. Ms. Kline should concentrate on making her songs more musically interesting so her artistic development for composition parallels her vocal talent.

The other three songs have similar afflictions, none that can’t be overcome. She has a talent for making music that can appeal to a wide fan base. She has a self-titled CD out that is published by her own record company. You can find out more about her music on her website at

Grade: B

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