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CD REVIEW: Sally Goforth - Butterfly Feeling
By Jon Stewart - 02/09/2007 - 06:33 PM EST

Artist: Sally Goforth
Album: Butterfly Feeling
CD Review: If you take away ProTools, anal-retentive producers and engineers, the 12 microphones that are used to record a set of drums, electronic metronomes, the studio musicians and $2,000 microphones for recording the voice tracks, and limitless takes, you are left with the raw talent and power of the musicians and their songwriting. It’s why people go to nightclubs to enjoy music.

Sally Goforth, now living in Texas, has placed a raw recording session of seven songs from Germany, sans the usual clutter, in my hands to review. “Butterfly Feeling” has a slightly amateurish feel and sound to it but I couldn’t stop listening once I started. She seemed to be performing in my living room, with me the only audience. Bluegrass usually bores me but the tenderness of her singing and the poetry in her songs kept me emotionally involved and aware of some issues of my own I had tried to obscure.

Simple, straightforward, honest. How many CDs meet that standard? Stephen King says writing should be “the truth”. How many songs are mere contrivances, just putting one foot in front of the other? Even Metallica got to that level before they snapped back and continued their artistic development. I am tired of the laziness and slap-dashedness of so many of today’s songwriters. I didn’t get that impression from Ms. Goforth’s take on her artistic vision. The title song “Butterfly Feeling” is a bluesy ballad with lyrics that examine a life. Sweet, inspired and “what life’s all about.” The other songs follow this point of view and are executed in a similar fashion without sounding alike.

I truly enjoyed the experience of “Butterfly Feeling.”

Ms. Goforth doesn’t have a website and is unavailable at this time I’m sorry to say.

Grade: B

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