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EP REVIEW: Owen Sartori - "Selections From The Cube"
By Gian F - 03/24/2007 - 11:18 PM EDT

Artist: Owen Sartori
Album: "Selections From The Cube"
CD Review: Genre: Alternative Rock
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9
Commercial Value: 9
Overall Talent Level: 9
Songwriting Skills: 9
Performance Skill: 9
Best Songs: Could You Be The One, The Cube, Separate
Weakness: ?
CD Review: Owen Sartori, a singer/songwriter/guitarist from, Minneapolis, MN, sent me his 5-song debut consisting of cleverly written and well-performed tunes that demonstrate a strong knack for melody and a penchant for tongue-in-cheek humor that is abundantly displayed on the projects' opening track, "The Cube," which painfully articulates the agony of working a nine-to-five when you have interests elsewhere.

Owen showcases a cerebral sense of humor and strong commercial appeal that can help to brand him as a performer to watch. He even gets funky on the project's most commercial track, "Could You Be The One," a song with break out radio potential that can kick start his career with it's melodic bass line, strong hook, and instantly accessible lyrics which are some of the best that I've heard all year. Here's a sampling:

"I love a warden loves a prisoner, and I never understood which side of the bars I'm on...
You're number one, at making me feel two...and yours' is the only shoulder I can cry upon
You're the best at putting pressure on my chest and you confess you think this pain is good for you...
Your love is true, but not for anyone but you...for all the rest, it's just a mask and a costume..."

Those are not the lyrics of your everyday songwriter. To prove that that he is the real deal he rounds out his set with the melancholic, but engaging, "Separate," a slow tune that can - and will - grow on you; especially if you've been in a relationship that you helplessly watch die.

If Owen can write songs this good from his cube, imagine how good they would be if he wrote them from a studio or while on tour...

Advice: Market and promote these highly commercial songs. Don't overlook licensing opportunities.

Official Website:

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